Video: Graham Priest on Deviant Logic

Video: Graham Priest on Deviant Logic

Maureen Eckert and Graham Priest

This video was produced by Philosophy TV on January 10th, 2011.




Maureen Eckert (left) and Graham Priest (right) on deviant logic. According to classical systems of logic, anything follows from a contradiction: the relation of logical consequence is explosive. But recent decades have seen growing interest in “deviant,” paraconsistent systems that include non-explosive relations of logical consequence. Further, some deviant logicians, such as Priest, assert the existence of dialetheias (true contradictions). In this conversation, Eckert and Priest discuss whether and how deviant logic should be studied in the undergraduate classroom. Then (starting at 29:40) they look for dialetheias in the areas of emotions, legal norms, and contradictory fictions.

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