SWIPshop Summer 2014 Schedule

SWIPshop Summer 2014 Schedule

New York Society for Women in Philosophy
summer workshop in feminist philosophy

All events held from 6:00 – 8:30 in:
Room 5414
365 5th Avenue,
New York, NY, 20015
Thursday June 26

Juniper Alcorn
The New School for Social Research
“Rejecting Pregnant Embodiment: Simone de Bouvoir, Phenomenology, and Radical Politics”

Myisha Cherry
John Jay College
“Will the ‘Happy’ Political Warrior Please Stand Up”
Thursday July 24

Amanda Huminski
The Graduate Center, CUNY
“A Critical Descriptive Project: The Extension of Gender as a Natural Kind”

Diana Meyers
University of Connecticut, Storrs
“A Modest Feminist Sentimentalism: Empathy and Moral Understanding”
Thursday August 14

Colena Sesanker
University of Connecticut
“De-Trivializing the Duty to Resist Oppression”

Laura Kane
The Graduate Center, CUNY
“How Has the Concept of Childhood Influenced Political Philosophy?”
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