SWIPshop Spring 2015 Schedule

SWIPshop Spring 2015 Schedule


Thursday 3/26: Eunah Lee (Marquette) “Integrity of Memory: Comfort Women in Focus

Thursday 4/30: Jennifer Ware (CUNY GC) “A Moral Evaluation of Humor: The Insufficiency of Good Intentions

All events will take place from 6:30-8:30 at the Graduate Center, CUNY.

SWIPshop is a workshop where philosophers present papers on any topic in the philosophy of gender, sex, and sexuality, feminist philosophy, feminist theory, feminism, and related topics.  SWIPshop follows the successful models of WOGAP (Workshop on Gender and Philosophy) at MIT, and BayFAP (Bay Area Feminism and Philosophy Workshop).

SWIPshop is a place for philosophers of all genders, all philosophical traditions, and all professional levels (graduate students, junior faculty, senior faculty) to meet as equals and discuss their work in a supportive environment.