SWIPshop: Arina Pismenny "Love and Irreplaceability" 11/7

SWIPshop: Arina Pismenny “Love and Irreplaceability” 11/7

Arina Pismenny presents “Love and Irreplaceability” at SWIPshop.

Room 5414, CUNY Graduate Center


Join us for our November SWIPshop!

What: SWIPshop presents… 

Arina Pismenny (The Graduate Center, CUNY) 

Love and Irreplaceability

When: Thursday November 7th, 6:30-8:30pm

Where: The Graduate Center, CUNY Room 5414

Please let us know if you are coming so we can bring enough food and wine!


You can find the paper on our website: swipshop.tumblr.com


The SWIPshop Committee:

Amy Baehr, Serene Khader, Rachel McKinney, Gina Campelia, and Carolyn Plunkett

 SWIPshop is a workshop where philosophers present papers on any topic in the philosophy of gender, sex, and sexuality, feminist philosophy, feminist theory, feminism, and related topics.  SWIPshop follows the successful models of WOGAP (Workshop on Gender and Philosophy) at MIT, and BayFAP (Bay Area Feminism and Philosophy Workshop).

 SWIPshop is a place for philosophers of all genders, all philosophical traditions, and all professional levels (graduate students, junior faculty, senior faculty) to meet as equals and discuss their work in a supportive environment.

The New York Society for Women in Philosophy was founded in 1993. It is a membership organization, collecting dues from its members. NYSWIP has two aims. First, it aims to feature the scholarly work of women philosophers, especially feminist philosophers, in New York City. To this end we present the Sue Weinberg Speaker Series at the City University Graduate Center. Second, NYSWIP aims to nurture the on-going philosophical work of our members and to cultivate philosophical community. These ends are served by SWIPshop, reading groups, and writing support groups.

Image: Rossy