SWIP-Analytic Spring 2017 Events

SWIP-Analytic Spring 2017 Events

Friday February 10th, 11- 13 hrs. 
GC, CUNY, The Committee for Interdisciplinary Science Studies, Room 5307

Roundtable Discussion: “Women in Philosophy: Publishing, Jobs, and Fitting In”

Elise Crull (City College)
Una Stojnik (NYU)
Denise Vigani (Drew College)


Friday March 24th, 11- 13 hrs.
NYU, Philosophy Department, Room 202

Speaker: Romina Padró (The Saul Kripke Center, GC, CUNY)
“A Dilemma for Intuition-Based Accounts of Basic Inferences”


Friday April 21st, 10- 12 hrs.
NYU, Philosophy Department, Room 202

Speaker: Winner of the SWIP-Analytic Essay Prize (TBD)

Friday May 5th, 11- 13 hrs.
GC, CUNY (Room TBA).

Speaker: Alyssa Ney (UC Davies)
“Physics and Fundamentality”


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Also, upcoming in the FALL:
(Day/time to be determined according to CUNY and NYU classes)



Speaker: Karen Bennett (Cornell)



Speaker: Patricia Blanchette (Notre Dame)



Speaker: Nina Emery (Brown)