Step-by-Step Commons Post How-To

Step-by-Step Commons Post How-To

This is a step-by-step guide on how to make a post on the CUNY Commons. If you are computer savvy, see here for a shorter & less detailed version of this guide.

Click HERE to see a .pdf version of this document with pictures (recommended).

Step-By-Step Guide How to Make a Post on the Commons

  1. Make a profile on the CUNY Commons by clicking “register” in the top right corner of the page
  2. Add your information. A faculty/ email address is required for the confirmation email. Complete registration and click as needed in confirmation email.
  3. Join the Philosophy Group by searching “philosophy” in the search bar on the Commons page and then selecting “Groups”.
  4. Go to the group page and click “join group
  5. Go to the philosophy website by holding your cursor over “My Blogs” on the page header. Scroll down to “CUNY GC Philosophy” and click.
  6. Now you are in the “Dashboard”. This is the control panel for the website. You will now add a post by scrolling over  “+ New” at the top of the page and clicking “Post” .
  7. You will now add a title in the title bar.
  8. Add text in the main box.
  9. Add an image. The first thing you will need to do is find an image. The image goes two places: on the post itself and on the main slider scroll on the Philosophy home page. Because it goes on the slider, the image needs to be at least as wide as the slider, or it will get stretched. The best way I’ve found to get images is to go to
  10. Another option is to take a screen shot of a page by clicking “PrntScr” on a PC or “Apple key ⌘ + Shift + 3”. Then open a basic photo program like Paint and click Ctrl+V to see your image. Then save.
  11. For demonstration purposes, I’ll take the route. Go to (google it).
  12. Since we will be using the images on our Site, to maintain good internet Karma  go to the Creative Commons images which users  have agreed can be used for any purpose.
  13. Click “See more” and then search for something related to your post. Things like “consciousness” or “vagueness” can turn up surprisingly interesting images. Online, users gain a lot of information from an image rather than from the text. (They also read very differently online so consider using bold in your text. )
  14. Choose an image you like from the search results.  It should be as wide as the slider.
  15. Right click on the image. “Save As” perhaps on the desk top. Keep the image window open so you can add the image owner’s name to your post.
  16. Now that you have an image, return to your commons post. Click “Add Media”.
  17. Click “Upload Files”.
  18. Click “Select Files”.
  19. Select your image. Open.
  20. Click “Insert into post” in the bottom right hand corner.
  21. Resize if necessary by dragging the corners.
  22. Now you will tell the program to also add this image to the home page by again clicking “Add Media”.
  23. Click “Set Featured Image”.
  24. Select your image and click “Set featured image”.
  25. Select the appropriate categories in the scroll on the right.
  26. Check everything is as you want it and click “Publish
  27. Click “View Post” to verify your post looks as you want it.
  28. Click the header to return to the home page and check your image is displaying properly on the slider.
  29. The post was successful.
  30. You can now share your post with friends by clicking any of the sharing buttons at the bottom.