Stats for Philosophers Workshop 11/8

Stats for Philosophers Workshop 11/8

NEW! This event will be available online for everyone to livestream at:


Stats for Philosophers, November 8th at the CUNY Graduate Center (365 5th Ave. NY)

Free one-day workshop for philosophers interested in learning the basics of statistical analysis.  The aim of the workshop is to help philosophers become more competent readers of empirical papers.  Presenters will cover basic terminology, methodological foundations, data analysis, as well as issues philosophers sometimes overlook when integrating their work with literature in the sciences.
Please note revised schedule and room change:
9:30-10:45 – Simine Vazire (Washington University, Psychology, Rm. 5409)
Coffee and snacks
11:00-12:15 – Virginia Valian (Hunter College, Psychology, Rm. 5409)
12:15-4:00 – lunch*
4:00-5:15 – Joshua Knobe (Yale University, Philosophy and Cognitive Science, Rm. 9204)
Coffee and snacks
5:30-6:45 – Edouard Machery (University of Pittsburgh, HPS, Rm. 9204)


* During the long lunch break please consider attending the Cognitive Science Speaker Series talk from 1:00-3:00 PM in Room 7102


If you plan to come, please make sure to RSVP (, as space is limited.


The workshop will also be streaming live online.  Go to:


Video recordings of the workshop will also be available afterward at:


This workshop is sponsored by the NJIT College of Science and Liberal Arts, Yale University Department of Philosophy, and the Philosophy Program at the Graduate Center (CUNY)