Spring 2017 Colloquium Schedule

Spring 2017 Colloquium Schedule

Each colloquium will be held on Wednesday at 4:15 P.M in GC rooms 9204/9205, except as otherwise noted.

February 8th
Andrei Marmor (Cornell)
“Two Rights of Free Speech”

February 15th: No Colloquium 
(CUNY Monday Schedule)

February 22nd
Justin Garson (CUNY Hunter College)
“What Biological Functions Are and Why They Matter”

March 1st • Marx Wartofsky Memorial Panel
Carol Gould, Moderator (CUNY Hunter College | Graduate Center)
Gregg Horowitz (Pratt) — “Art and Cognitive Praxis”
Michael Howard (UMaine) — “Labor, Power, and Social Practice”
Philip Kitcher (Columbia) — “Historical Epistemology”
Sheldon Krimsky (Tufts) — “Bioethical Dilemmas”

March 8th
Desmond Hogan (Princeton)
“Dogmatism and Criticism in Kant’s Antinomy of Pure Reason”

March 15th
Elise Crull (CUNY City College)
“Existence Monism from Quantum Theory”

March 22nd • Jerrold Katz Memorial Lecture
Karen Lewis (Barnard/Columbia)
“Discourse Referents, D-type Pronouns, and Dynamic Pragmatics”

March 29th • Prospectives’ Day
GC Panel (participants & theme TBA)

April 5th
Michael Strevens (NYU)
“Why Care about Counterfactual Support?”

April 12th : No Colloquium (Spring Recess)

April 19th
Gideon Rosen (Princeton)
“Laws and Metaphysical Explanation”

April 26th
Michael Pauen (Humboldt)
“Conceptual Arguments in the Consciousness Debate: Why The Hard Problem May Not Be That Hard”

May 3rd
Selim Berker (Harvard)
“A Combinatorial Argument against Practical Reasons for Belief”

May 10th
Jada Twedt-Strabbing (Fordham)
Forgiveness and Reconciliation

Download an interactive PDF version of the schedule here.