Spring 2015 Philosophy Colloquium Schedule

Spring 2015 Philosophy Colloquium Schedule

Each colloquium is held on Wednesday at 4:15 P.M. All colloquia will take place at the Graduate Center in rooms 9204/9205 except as otherwise noted. Please call (212) 817-8615 for further information.

Jan. 28
Charles Mills, Northwestern
“Racial Equality”

Feb. 4    
Jerrold Katz Lecture
Russell Marcus, Hamilton College
“Autonomy Platonism and the Circularity Objection”

Feb. 11     
Barry Smith, School of Advanced Study, London
“Taste Matters”

Feb. 18     
Dominic McIver-Lopes, British Columbia
“Aesthetic Experts: Guides to Value”

Feb. 25
Jonathan Schaffer, Rutgers
“The Ground between the Gaps”

Mar. 4

Mar. 11
Kristin Gjesdal, Temple
“Anthropology, Ontology, and the Relevance of Hermeneutics”

Mar. 18
Mark Wilson, Pitt
“The Greediness of Scales”

Mar. 25
Dean Kolich Lecture
David Papineau, CUNY Graduate Center & King’s College, London
“The Metaphysics of Sensory Experience”

Apr. 1
Eric Brown, Washington University
“Cosmopolitans and Unmet Friends”

Apr. 15
Marx Wartofsky Lecture
Seyla Benhabib, Yale
“The Right to Have Rights: The Continuing Significance of Hannah Arendt’s Phrase”

Apr. 22
Laurie Paul, UNC
“Preference Capture”

Apr. 29
Lisa Miracchi, NYU
“Agent Architecture and Levels of Consciousness”

May 6
John Huss, Akron
“Underdetermination in Historical Science”

Image: Thanks to Tony Cheng