Spring 2015 Cognitive Science Speaker Series

Spring 2015 Cognitive Science Speaker Series

Spring 2015, Fridays, 1-3 pm

Room 7102, CUNY Graduate Center

February 20:  Richard Brown
Philosophy, LaGuardia College, CUNY
“Introspective Consciousness and Higher-Order Thoughts”

February 27:  Grace Helton
Philosophy, NYU
“Visually Perceiving the Intentions of Others”

March 6:  Michael Bruno
Philosophy, Mississippi State University
“Is Extended Consciousness a Predictive Error?”

March 13:  Yukihiro Nobuhara, Masanori Kataoka, and Rie Iizuka
Philosophy, University of Tokyo
Yukihiro Nobuhara:  “In Defense of Motivational Internalism”
Masanori Kataoka:  “Courage and Its Psychology”
Rie Iizuka:  “In Defense of Character Virtue against Recent Psychological Criticism”

March 20: Zoe Jenkin
Philosophy, Harvard University
“Perceptual Learning and Perceptual Belief”

March 27:  Sam Coleman
Philosophy, University of Hertfordshire
“Unconscious Qualities as the Basis of Content”

No talk April 3 or 10:  Spring break

April 17:  Giovanni Merlo
Philosophy, LOGOS, University of Barcelona, and NYU
“Phenomenal Facts as Experiential Facts”

April 24-25:  CUNY Graduate Student Conference

May 8:  Karen Lewis
Philosophy, Barnard College and Columbia University
“Objectivity and the Meta-Semantics of Context-Sensitive Expressions”

May 20 (WEDNESDAY):  Zoltán Dienes
School of Psychology and Sackler Centre for Consciousness
Science, University of Sussex
“Bayes and the Credibility Crisis in Psychology”
Abstract at http://tinyurl.com/drcunygc/Dienes-cogsci-2015.pdf
*** Note:  This is a Wednesday!!  (usual time,:  1-3)
*** Also–different room:  9-206.

A pdf flier listing spring 2015 talks is at http://tinyurl.com/cstalks

Organized by David Rosenthal
Coordinator, Interdisciplinary Concentration in Cognitive Science
CUNY Graduate Center
Email:  davidrosenthal@nyu.edu