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Philosophy Teaching Resource | Enlightened Educators

Enlightened Educators is a teaching wiki created by Laura Kane, CUNY Philosophy PhD Student. It has a number of entries by your fellow classmates detailing how they teach certain subjects and authors. You can view the wiki at Contact @laurakane to be added as an author and create your own post.


Current topics include:

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    Welcome to Enlightened Educators! Enlightened Educators is a Wiki for teachers in institutions of higher education. Please take a moment to read our Mission Statement, and check out some of the articles that have been written by educators looking to share their classroom experiences!


    Mission Statement

    Educators in institutions of higher learning often face two daunting problems: how do we effectively convey complex content to students in a straightforward and intuitive way, and how do we ensure that students are able to fully comprehend this material?

    Whether you’re a new teacher or a seasoned faculty member, the way we teach lessons is an evolving process. Our students don’t come one-size-fits-all and neither should our lessons. At Enlightened Educators, we believe that the best way to determine how we should teach our students is through collaboration with other educators. To facilitate such collaboration, a new tool is needed that encourages participation and open dialogue in a way that (1) prevents one participant from dominating the conversation, and (2) precludes any strategy from becoming dogmatic.

    Educators that have honed successful strategies for conveying complex material should have the means available to share these strategies with novice and veteran educators that encounter new difficulties reaching an ever-changing student population. However, those voices shouldn’t outweigh the voices of newer educators! Rather, educators with all kinds of experience should be able to work together to develop the most effective methods to teach material to students that address the concerns raised above.

    To meet this challenge, Enlightened Educators has been created as a venue for educators to come together and collaborate with one another to develop the most effective lesson strategies for teaching specific content to students in higher education. Each page on this site is modifiable to (1) encourage potential users to generate or edit content, and (2) collaborate with one another so that one voice does not dominate the conversation. Enlightened Educators evolving content is the result of educators around the country collaborating together to produce and share effective teaching strategies for all disciplines and all course levels. This ensures that the content reflects new changes to and new interpretations of the canon, while also providing new insights on how to reach students with differing experiences at various levels of learning.
    We encourage you to participate in the conversations on this site! If you are an educator with some experience, please share your strategies so that newer educators can learn from them! If you are a newer educator, please ask questions in the Discussion Pages or post a strategy that you would like to try with your students!


    Current Disciplines Offered


    Visiting the Philosophy page will take you to the site’s current resources for teaching specific topics to philosophy undergraduate students.

    Though this site’s current focus is on philosophy, we intend to let the community grow to include all disciplines at a later time.


    FAQ Page

    If you are new to Wiki’s, please check out the FAQ Page for tips on how to create and edit entries, begin discussions on the discussion pages, and communicate with other users on the site.