Philosophy Department Student Committee Nominations

Philosophy Department Student Committee Nominations

The philosophy department has eleven committees. which contain both faculty and student members, that aim to improve the quality of the program and give students a larger say in departmental affairs.

From March 28th through April 5th, students in the philosophy department will have the opportunity to nominate other students for all available positions. You can nominate any student within the philosophy department (including yourself) for one or more of these committees, which are described below.

Please keep an eye out for the nominations ballot, which will be made available on March 28th, 2016.

The Elections Committee
David Nagy, Claudia Pace, and Ericka Abraham


1. Student Steering Committee (also Executive Committee) — nominate up to 5 reps. (There will be 5 elected and 2 alternates.)

This committee tends to meet monthly to discuss student concerns and bring proposals to the Program. It also meets jointly with the faculty on the Executive Committee (EC), usually on the first or second Wednesday of every month at 2p.m. The EC discusses important business as it relates to the Program including job searches and the approval of changes to the curriculum and other areas. Students have a voice in all of these areas and a vote except in faculty appointments and exam results.

2. Committee on Representation — nominate up to 3 reps.

This committee seeks to improve the representation, recruitment, and retention of women and minority students and faculty in the program as well as to promote their well-being in the program and the profession.

3. Admissions Committee– Nominate up to 2 reps

The members of the admissions committee review applications for admission and participate in the ranking and selection of candidates for the incoming class. This committee is quite time-consuming but typically only meets in early- to mid- spring semester.

4. Colloquium Committee– Nominate up to 2 reps

The colloquium committee recommends speakers for our colloquium series. It also administers student attendees at external speaker colloquium dinners and the selection of student-led colloquium speakers.

5. Curriculum and Examinations Committee– Nominate up to 2 reps

This committee meets to discuss proposed changes to the curriculum.

6. Elections Committee– Nominate up to 3 reps

The elections committee is responsible for filling the positions in the other committees.

7. Faculty Membership Committee– Nominate up to 2 reps

This committee meets as needed to make recommendations for central-line faculty appointments and consortial faculty appointments from other CUNY campuses. Students do not have a vote on this committee.

8. Graduate Council– Nominate up to 2 reps

The Graduate Council is the governing body of the GC with representatives from each program. It usually meets monthly during the Fall and Spring terms (typically on Wednesday afternoons at 3pm) to discuss and vote on matters that come before it, which primarily involve changes to degree programs. Attendance is critical.

9. Library Committee– Nominate up to 3 reps

This committee makes recommendations for book and journal acquisitions by the library. It also administers donated books, including shelving and registration.

10. Placement Committee– Nominate up to 2 reps

The placement committee helps to organize mock interviews and other activities that will help the Program’s placement record.

11. Student and Alumni Affairs Committee– Nominate up to 2 reps

This committee addresses areas of student and alumni interest, including a consideration of student concerns and possible fund-raising opportunities. It also coordinates the peer mentoring system, pairing incoming students with volunteer student mentors in the program.