Philosophical Logic Group

Philosophical Logic Group

Foundation of the New York Philosophical Logic Group

We (Hartry Field and Graham Priest) wish to announce the establishment of the New York Philosophical Logic Group. In the first instance, this will meet roughly every two weeks, on the evenings of Tuesdays or Thursdays, as appropriate. Meetings will comprise talks given by, or discussions led by, visitors and locals. The area of interest will be philosophical logic, interpreted in a reasonably generous sense. Details of the first meeting are below. Those interested in being put on a mailing list for meetings should email Graham Priest.


First meeting:

Speaker: Graham Priest (GC, CUNY)
Topic: Validity Curries
Time/Place: Tuesday Sept. 25, 7:15 p.m. to 9:15 p.m., 2nd floor seminar room, NYU Philosophy Dept (5, Washington Place)

Brief Abstract: Curry Paradoxes involving truth and set-hood are well known. Those who favour unrestricted truth predicates and abstraction principles, have tended to solve the paradoxes by rejecting the principle of Contraction for conditionals.  Of late, paradoxes in the same family, but involving the notion of validity, have been turning up; and it would appear that these cannot be solved in this way. In this talk I will suggest how these may be solved by deploying a sub-structural logic which rejects Contraction for premises.

Second meeting: Thursday Oct. 18, same place and time, Hartry Field

Third meeting: Thursday Nov. 1, same place and time.  Speaker: Geoffrey Hellman, topic to be determined.


Feb 18: Kit Fine (NYU), ‘Partial Content’

March 1: Naoya Fujukawa (CUNY), ‘Intentionality and Plurality’

March 25: Thomas Ferguson (CUNY), title TBA

April 8: Jim Pryor (NYU), ‘Donkey Anaphora, Mutation, and State Monads’

April 22: Geoff Hellman (UMN), title TBA

May 13: [Provisional] Tamar Lando (Columbia), title TBA