Philippe Schmitter (EUI) - "The Future of Democracy" with discussant Michael Menser (Brooklyn) 12/6@4:15pm in 9206-7

Philippe Schmitter (EUI) – “The Future of Democracy” with discussant Michael Menser (Brooklyn) 12/6@4:15pm in 9206-7

Thursday December 6                            4:15pm, Room 9206-7


Philippe Schmitter, Emeritus Professor of Political Science, European University Institute

Michael Menser, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Brooklyn College (Discussant)


“The Future of Democracy”

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Co-Sponsored by the Center for Global Ethics and Politics


Philippe Schmitter will be continuing the 2012-2013 Mellon Sawyer Seminar Series at the Graduate Center, presenting a talk entitled “The Future of Democracy,” to be followed by commentary by Michael Menser as well as group discussion.


The Mellon Sawyer Seminar Series is an interdisciplinary project focused on how democratic societies can be inclusive of a wide range of cultural practices and forms of expression while maintaining a commitment to respecting a secular public sphere, universal human rights, and women’s equality. Led by Dist. Prof. Carol Gould (Philosophy, Political Science), Prof. Ruth O’Brien (Political Science), Prof. Omar Dahbour (Philosophy), and Dist. Prof. Richard Wolin (History, Political Science, Comp. Literature), fourteen events exploring these issues will be held at the Graduate Center throughout the 2012-2013 academic year.


Philippe Schmitter is Emeritus Professor of the Department Political and Social Sciences at the European University Institute in Florence, Italy. .  He is also Associated Professor in Emory College of Arts and Sciences. He has published books and articles on comparative politics, on regional integration in Western Europe and Latin America, on the transition from authoritarian rule in Southern Europe and Latin America, and on the intermediation of class, sectoral and professional interests. His current work is on the political characteristics of the emerging Euro-polity, on the consolidation of democracy in Southern and Eastern countries, and on the possibility of post-liberal democracy in Western Europe and North America.

Michael Menser is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Brooklyn College. His work critically explores different models of participatory democracy and ecological sustainability from a variety of perspectives (human rights, liberal, communitarian, anticapitalist) at a variety of levels (government, household, business) and in different venues (urban and rural, indigenous). Case studies that he has looked at include worker cooperatives and the solidarity economy, sustainable agriculture and “food sovereignty” and municipal governments and “participatory budgeting.”