NYU Conference on the Philosophy of Kit Fine

NYU Conference on the Philosophy of Kit Fine

Update, January 9th:

The New York Institute of Philosophy and the NYU Philosophy Department will host a conference on the philosophy of Kit Fine on January 25-27, 2013. The conference will be held in the NYU philosophy department auditorium at 5 Washington Place and will feature many of the contributors to a new volume of essays on Fine’s work, edited by Mircea Dumitru and forthcoming with Oxford University Press. The tentative schedule is:

Friday, January 25
2.15 – 2.30     Opening remarks by Paul Boghossian, director of NYIP
2.30 – 4                Gideon Rosen, “What is normative necessity?”
4.30 – 6                Jessica Wilson, “Essence, ground, and part: methodology and application in Kit Fine’s schema-based metaphysics”
6 – 7.30                Reception

Saturday, January 26
9.30 – 11       Paul Hovda, “Finean mereology”
11.30 – 1       Philip Percival, “Metaphysics of the first order”
2.30 – 4                Kathrin Koslicki, “Essence and individuation”
4.30 – 6                Rob Goldblatt, “Fine’s contributions to model theory for propositional logics”

Sunday, January 27
9.30 – 11       Mircea Dumitru, “Fine on Kripke’s puzzle about belief: a relationist approach”
11.30 – 1       Gary Ostertag, “Fine on Kripke’s puzzle”
2.30 – 4                Jim Pryor, “The essence and the inevitability of hyper-evaluative semantics”
4.30 – 6                Kit Fine, “Truthmaking”