NYU Center for Mind & Brain Inaugural Lecture: Giulio Tononi

NYU Center for Mind & Brain Inaugural Lecture: Giulio Tononi

The NYU Center for Mind and Brain announces its inaugural lecture:

Giulio Tononi (Wisconsin)


Wednesday October 24, 2012 5pm

12 Waverly Place, Room G08

Giulio Tononi holds the David P. White Chair in Sleep Medicine and a
Distinguished Chair in Consciousness Science at the University of
Wisconsin.  He is well-known for his research on sleep and on
consciousness, where he has pioneered new biological, computational,
and theoretical approaches.  His books include A UNIVERSE OF
CONSCIOUSNESS (2000; with Gerald Edelman), THE NEUROLOGY OF
CONSCIOUSNESS (2009; co-edited with Steven Laureys) and PHI: A VOYAGE

The Center for Mind and Brain is a new NYU center devoted to
foundational issues in the mind-brain sciences.  It is directed by
Professors Ned Block and David Chalmers of the NYU Department of
Philosophy.  The Center will focus on interdisciplinary investigation
of foundational issues such as consciousness, representation,
rationality, and computation.  Among other activities, the Center will
hold a monthly lecture series, will host postdoctoral fellows and
visiting researchers, and will organize regular conferences, workshops
and working groups.

The Center’s inaugural lecture will be followed by a celebratory
reception held in the 6th floor lounge at 5 Washington Place.

CUNY GC philosophy faculty and students are
invited to both the lecture and the reception.