NYPLW Spring 2013 Speaker Schedule

NYPLW Spring 2013 Speaker Schedule


Announcing the NYPLW Spring 2013 Speaker Schedule

We’re a community of philosophers of language centered in New York City. We have a meeting each week at which a speaker either presents a piece of their own work (perhaps in-progress) or gives an opinionated tour of some other work in the philosophy of language with which their own research is engaged.

During the Spring of 2013, we’ll meet at NYU on Monday evenings at 6:30. Please see our schedule of speakers below. Anyone with an interest in philosophy of language is welcome!

Spring 2013 Speakers

January 28th
Ian Olasov (CUNY)

February 4th
Ulf Hlobil (Pittsburgh)

February 11th
Daniel Greco (NYU/Yale)

February 18th
No Workshop (President’s Day)

February 25th
Philipp Koralus (Wash U)

March 4th
Daniel Fogal (NYU)

March 11th
Daniel Harris (CUNY)

March 18th
No Workshop (Spring Break)

March 25th
Lucy Jordan (Rutgers)

April 1st
Christoph Pfisterer (Zürich)

April 8th
Arancha San Ginés

April 15th
Matt Moss (Columbia)

April 22nd
Jennifer Carr (MIT)

April 29th
Jessica Keiser (Yale)

May 6th
Will Starr (Cornell)

May 13th
Katrina Przyjemski (NYU)


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