Notify your Students of the CUNY Pipeline Program!

Notify your Students of the CUNY Pipeline Program!

“On behalf of the Graduate Center’s Minorities and Philosophy (MAP) Chapter, I am writing to ask that you take five minutes of class time to talk to your students about the CUNY Pipeline Program. The Pipeline Program aims to diversify doctoral education and is an incredible opportunity for students from under-represented groups who are interested in graduate study. Unfortunately, the program is not widely known about amongst undergraduate students and is consistently under-applied to. (On the plus side, this increases any applying student’s chance of success!) Some of the highlights of the program include:

  • A six week summer orientation program at the GC, designed to introduce students to graduate-level work and research.
  • Monthly colloquia on graduate school application process.
  • Approximately $6000 in stipends (includes GRE fees, graduate school application fees)

For many undergraduate students, approaching faculty members to write letters of recommendation can be a very daunting prospect, one that can even deter potential applicants. We are thus strongly encouraging that you offer to be a referee for your students. Doing so is a relatively small commitment, given the huge opportunity the program presents.

With the application deadline fast approaching (January 15), we hope that you can print and distribute the [linked] brochure in your classes as soon as possible. You can find more information about the CUNY Pipeline Project at”

(via PhD student Shannon Brick, on behalf of CUNY GC MAP)