New York Society for Women in Philosophy

New York Society for Women in Philosophy

The New York Society for Women in Philosophy was founded in 1993. It is a membership organization, collecting dues from its members. NYSWIP has two aims. First, it aims to feature the scholarly work of women philosophers, especially feminist philosophers, in New York City. To this end we present the Sue Weinberg Speaker Series at the City University Graduate Center. Second, NYSWIP aims to nurture the on-going philosophical work of our members and to cultivate philosophical community. These ends are served by SWIPshop, reading groups, and writing support groups. NYSWIP is run by a set of committees: the coordinating committee overseeing the activities of NYSWIP; the program committee, managing the Sue Weinberg Lecture Series; and the SWIPshop committee, managing SWIPshop. We also have a treasurer who overseas our finances. Members also participate in governance through our regular business meetings.

Upcoming Event:

Panel on Women’s Reproductive Rights

The New York Society for Women in Philosophy invites you to a panel on Women’s Reproductive Rights

Rebecca Kukla (Professor of Philosophy and Senior Research Scholar, Kennedy Institute of Ethics, Georgetown University), “Mandatory Fetal Ultrasound and the Politics of Visual Representation”

Julie Zilberberg (Independent Scholar, CUNY PhD), “Sex Selection and Restricting Abortion and Sex Determination”

December 7, 2012, 4:30-6:30

CUNY Graduate Center, Room 9207

(Image Mel Kadel)