Networking & Mentoring Workshop for Graduate Student Women in Philosophy | Due 3/1

Networking & Mentoring Workshop for Graduate Student Women in Philosophy | Due 3/1

Please note that Elizabeth Kemp of Rutgers University is organizing––with Liz Harman and Jill North––A Networking and Mentoring Workshop for Graduate Student Women in Philosophy at Princeton University, August 21-24, 2014.

The workshop will involve substantive philosophy but will also provide a unique opportunity for students to get valuable professional advice and to get to know many other graduate women philosophers.

I encourage those interested to submit papers by the March 1, 2014 deadline. Also open too students who have applied to MA and PhD programs in Philosophy.

The workshop website is


A Networking and Mentoring Workshop
for Graduate Student Women in Philosophy

Co-Directors: Elisabeth Camp, Elizabeth Harman, and Jill North


Female PhD and DPhil students and prospective students in philosophy are invited to submit papers (on any topic in philosophy) to participate in a workshop at Princeton University, August 21-24, 2014. The submission deadline is March 1, 2014. Thirty-five students will be selected to participate in the workshop: seven submitted papers will be selected to be discussed at the workshop; fourteen students will be selected as commentators on the papers; and fourteen more students will be selected as chairs of sessions. This will be a pre-read workshop:  all participants will be expected to read the seven papers on the program in advance, and to participate fully in the workshop. In addition to seven sessions of substantive philosophy, there will be five sessions at which professional advice will be offered by twelve faculty mentors.

Our goal is to create a workshop at which high-level philosophical conversation occurs and great advice is offered. Participants will benefit from making connections with other talented female philosophy students, getting to know the faculty mentors, and hearing the mentors´ advice.

We are committed to accommodating all participants with disabilities.

The workshop will provide meals for all students, and will provide students with shared rooms for three nights at the Nassau Inn in Princeton. The workshop will reimburse up to $400 of each student´s travel costs. Those students who will be traveling to the workshop with a child will be provided with their own rooms in the hotel rather than shared rooms. The workshop will also provide information about how to find babysitters in the Princeton area.

This is the first of three workshops. Future workshops will be held in summer of 2016 and in summer of 2018. These three workshops will reach more than 100 graduate student women in philosophy across five years.


Karen Bennett, Cornell University
Elisabeth Camp, Rutgers University
Ruth Chang, Rutgers University
Elizabeth Harman, Princeton University
Jennifer Lackey, Northwestern University
Sarah-Jane Leslie, Princeton University
Ishani Maitra, University of Michigan
Jill North, Cornell University
Debra Satz, Stanford University
Jennifer Uleman, Purchase College, State University of New York
Katja Vogt, Columbia University
Susan Wolf, University of North Carolina

Topics for the advice sessions may include:

Getting the most out of graduate school
Writing a dissertation
Presenting and participating at conferences
Preparing for the job market
Starting a tenure-track job
Balancing work with the rest of life

Sponsors of the Workshop:

Cornell University Sage School of Philosophy
The Marc Sanders Foundation
Princeton University Center for Human Values
Princeton University Council of the Humanities
Princeton University Department of Philosophy
Princeton University Diversity Initiative
Rutgers University Department of Philosophy

Workshop Poster

Please help us to spread the word about this workshop by printing this poster and displaying it in your department.



Black & White Poster
Color Poster


Who is eligible to submit?:

Female philosophy PhD students are eligible to submit as long as they are planning to defend their dissertations in September 2014 or later. (If your PhD program does not require a dissertation defense, you must be planning to complete your degree requirements in September 2014 or later.)

Women who have applied to philosophy PhD programs to start in fall 2014 are also eligible to submit.

How to submit:

Submissions must be no longer than 7,000 words, including notes and references, and must be prepared for anonymous review. Papers on any topic in philosophy are welcome.

The submission deadline is March 1, 2014.

The page for online submission is at:

The mentors will read the submissions and select the participants. All papers will be fully anonymized when they are initially read. Our ultimate selection of participants will take into account our goal of a diverse workshop, including students at different stages of graduate school, students from different schools, students with diverse philosophical interests, and members of groups that are underrepresented in philosophy.

We will notify all applicants by the end of May, 2014.

What paper should you submit?

Submit your best work. Other things equal, it is better to submit a paper that will be accessible to a wider audience.

Bear in mind that participants will be selected based on the quality of the papers, while papers to be discussed will be selected based on the quality of the papers and also on whether they would be accessible and interesting to a broad audience.

Make your paper clear and exciting at the beginning. Let your reader know up front what contribution your paper makes.

What if you aren´t sure you have anything to submit, or are having trouble deciding what to submit?

This call for submissions provides a good occasion to write a new paper. Take March 1 as your deadline for the new paper.

This call for submissions may also be a good occasion to revise an existing paper.

A paper you used as your writing sample in applying to graduate school, or a paper you wrote for a graduate seminar, could be used as your submission.

Want to contact us?

Write to us at

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Thinking of creating your own workshop to foster diversity in philosophy?

Please feel free to contact us at We´d be happy to share our own experience in planning this workshop, and to help you to strategize.

Know of other workshops that encourage diversity in philosophy?

Contact us at to let us know.

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