March 7 MERG: Schwitzgebel, Phillips, Lindauer, Véliz

March 7 MERG: Schwitzgebel, Phillips, Lindauer, Véliz

Don’t miss it: Metro Experimental Research Group is back for one day only!

Eric Schwitzgebel (UC Riverside) will be presenting his recent work with Fiery Cushman on the instability of professional philosophers’ intuitions in moral dilemmas.

In addition, Jonathan Phillips (Yale) will present recent cognitive science research on the development of modal and moral reasoning and explain how this relates to recent debates in cognitive science and philosophy. Finally, Matthew Lindauer (Yale) and Carissa Véliz (CUNY) will be discussing some recent work on the efficacy of arguments concerning global poverty.

The event will be held in Room 5307 at the CUNY Grad Center at 3:00 PM this Friday, March 7th.

As always, we will be going out for drinks afterward to continue the discussion. See you there!