London Interpretation Conference w/Noël Carroll, Stephen Neale & David Papineau

London Interpretation Conference w/Noël Carroll, Stephen Neale & David Papineau

Interpretive Practice:
Language, Law, Science and the Arts

Colin Blakemore (Institute of Philosophy, SAS)
Noël Carroll (CUNY Graduate Centre)
Gregory Currie (University of York)
Peter Kivy (Rutgers University)
Peter Lamarque (University of York)
George Letsas (UCL)
Stephen Neale (CUNY Graduate Centre)
David Papineau (King’s College London)
Colin Renfrew (Cambridge University)
Barry Smith (Institute of Philosophy, SAS)
Nicos Stavropoulos (Oxford University)
Kathleen Stock (University of Sussex)
David Wengrow (UCL)
Deirdre Wilson (UCL)
Helen Xanthaki (IALS)

16-17 June 2015, 09:30 – 19:30

Event Type:
Conference / Symposium
The Senate Room (Senate House, First Floor)
Venue Details:
Senate House
Malet Street
London WC1E 7HU
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of the central precinct with directions for getting to the University of London Senate House.


This two-day conference brings together prominent researchers from several fields in which philosophical issues about the practices and conventions involved in interpretation have had a profound impact on subject matter—linguistics, law, cognitive science, archaeology, architecture, literature, and music.


Provisional Schedule

June 16 (The Senate Room)

9:30 Registration/Coffee

10:00-11:15 Noel Carroll

Literary Interpretation: An Overview and an Update

 11:15-12:30 Peter Lamarque

Literature, Meaning and Value 

12:30-1:30 Lunch

1:30-2:45 Kathleen Stock

Extreme Intentionalism about Fictional Content – the Only Sensible Game in Town

 2:45-4:00 Stephen Neale

Natural and Non-natural Interpretation 

 4:00-4:30 Coffee

4:30-5:45 Keynote Address: Colin Renfrew

Interpreting Prehistory:  Languages, Genes, Cultures and Ethnicities

 6:00-6:30 Barry Smith

Making Sense of Wine

6:30-7:30 Wine tasting and reception (Jessel Room)

June 17 (Room G37)

9:30 Coffee

10:00-11:15 Gregory Currie

Aesthetic Interpretation and Aesthetic Explanation in Archaeology

 11:15-12:15 Roundtable I: Issues in Scientific Interpretation.

Colin Blakemore, David Papineau, Barry Smith

Moderator: TBC

12:15-1:15 Lunch

 1:15-2:30 Peter Kivy

Was Handel a Plagiarist (and Why Should We Care)?

2:30-3:30 Roundtable II: Issues in Legal interpretation.

George Letsas, Stephen Neale, Nicos Stavropoulos, Helen Xanthaki

Moderator: Barry Smith

3:30-4:00 Coffee

4:00-5:15 Deirdre Wilson

Communication, Comprehension and Interpretation

5:15-6:15 Roundtable III: Issues in Archaeological Interpretation. 

Greg Currie, Colin Renfrew, David Wengrow

Moderator: Stephen Neale