"Are there innate concepts?" w/Jesse Prinz & Susan Carey Feb 4 at NYU

“Are there innate concepts?” w/Jesse Prinz & Susan Carey Feb 4 at NYU

The NYU Center for Mind, Brain and Consciousness announces a debate:


Speakers: Susan Carey[software.rc.fas.harvard.edu] (Harvard, Psychology)
and Jesse Prinz[subcortex.com] (CUNY, Philosophy)

Thursday, February 4, 5:007:00 pm
Jurow Hall, Silver Center, NYU
100 Washington Square East

Are there innate concepts and if so, what are they like? Susan Carey (author of The Origin of Concepts[global.oup.com]) argues that babies come into the world with many abstract concepts, including concepts of physical objects and physical causality, human purposes and purposive action, and number.  Jesse Prinz (author of Beyond Human Nature[subcortex.com]) has argued that on the contrary we have no innate concepts and that even the most fundamental building blocks of knowledge are shaped by experience and socialization.

No registration is required.  Seating is first come, first served. A reception will follow the event.