Infinite Value Workshop at Princeton Oct 31 - Nov 1

Infinite Value Workshop at Princeton Oct 31 – Nov 1

Princeton University Philosophy Department in conjunction with the Marc Sanders Foundation is holding a workshop-style conference on Oct 31st – Nov 1st, 2015, in Princeton. The topic will be “infinite value” and the speakers include Nick Bostrom (Oxford), Peter Vallentyne (Missouri), Barbara Montero (CUNY), Mark Johnston (Princeton), Kenny Easwaran (Texas A & M), Philip Ehrlick (Ohio), and Eddy Chen & Daniel Rubio (Rutgers).

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Princeton Workshop on Infinite Value       

Workshop Convener: Mark Johnston

October 31st – November 1st 2015

Palmer House, 1 Bayard Lane, Princeton

Saturday, October 31st

1.00 pm                Peter Vallentyne (University of Missouri) “Big Picture Thoughts on Infinite Utility”

2.30 pm                Barbara Montero (CUNY Graduate Center) “ More is Still Not Always Better”

4 pm                      Coffee Break

4.30 pm                Nick Bostrom (Oxford) “Some Issues Related to Infinite Ethics”

6.00 pm                Mark Johnston (Princeton) ““Infinite Value and the Collapse of Normative Reasons:

Inflationary Cosmology, Theism and Personal Identity as Case Studies”

7.30 pm             Buffet dinner at Palmer House for all Conference Participants

(Those, other than speakers, planning to attend the dinner must RSVP to Robyn Whitaker at


Sunday, November 1st

10 am                    Eddy Chen & Daniel Rubio (Rutgers) “Great Expectations: Surreal Decision Theory and Infinitarian Paralysis”

11.30 am          Ram Sewak Dubey (Montclair State) ““Intergenerational Equity on Infinite Utility Streams”

1 pm                      Lunch at Palmer House

2 pm                   Kenny Easwaran (Texas A&M)Realism and Hyperreals in Infinite Decision Making”

3.30 pm           Coffee break

4 pm                      Philip Ehrlich (Ohio State) “ Cantorian and non-Cantorian Theories of Finite, Infinite and

Infinitesimal Numbers and the Unification Thereof”

5.30 pm           Close of workshop

6.30pm                 Dinner is provided for all workshop speakers.

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