Getting Too Many Commons Emails? Change Email Settings: How-To

Getting Too Many Commons Emails? Change Email Settings: How-To

Are you a member of the philosophy group getting too many emails from yours truly?

The default setting for group members used to be “no email” but then the Commons Team changed it to “all email“. Lucky for you, it is quite simple to change this setting. For no emails follow steps 1-3 below.

Suggestion: for moderate emails, I would recommend changing your philosophy group settings to “no email ” and subscribing to weekly emails on the right side of the Philosophy Commons Site – which is formatted more attractively with pictures. For moderate emails follow all steps below.


Change Email Settings: How-To

1. To unsubscribe from current emails go to the Philosophy Commons Group by holding your cursor over My Groups and clicking Philosophy


2. On the Philosophy page you will see your email subscription is currently “all email“. Click on (change) and you will have the option to change your email setting. Change to your preferred email frequency.


3. The window will close and show your new email frequency. You have successfully changed your email frequency settings.


4. To subscribe to nicely formatted weekly emails with pictures sent via WordPress, enter your email in the box on the bottom of the right toolbar on the Philosophy Commons Site (this page if you are viewing it in the Site). Then choose weekly emails. (Emails as posts are made is an option as well.)

5. You will begin to receive emails with the following formatting: