Fall 2017 Cognitive Science Speaker Series

Fall 2017 Cognitive Science Speaker Series

                                  Fall 2017, Fridays, 1-3 pm
                         Room 7102, CUNY Graduate Center


September 15:  Joseph Bendaña
Philosophy and Cognitive Science, CUNY Graduate Center
“A Puzzle for Question-Sensitive Belief”


September 22 and 29:  No talks—Graduate Center closed


October 6:  Amanda Huminski
Philosophy, CUNY Graduate Center
“Intuitional Holism:  Intuitions, Evidence, and Lessons from
Feminist Epistemology”


October 13:  Hakwan Lau
Psychology and Neuroscience, University of California,
Los Angeles and University of Hong Kong
“Inner Sense and Metacognitive Adversary for Conscious


October 20:  Jean Rémi King
Cognitive Neuroscience, NYU and Max Planck Institute
for Brain Research, Frankfurt
“Visual Awareness:  Identifying the Neural Architecture
of Conscious Perception with Temporally Resolved


October 27:  Martijn Wokke
Cognitive Neuroscience, CUNY Graduate Center
“Sure I’m Sure:  Differential Information Supports
First-Order Decision Making and Metacognition”


November 3:  Jesse Atencio
Cognitive Science and Philosophy, CUNY Graduate Center
“Are Implicit False-Belief Tasks Really False-Belief Tasks?”


November 10:  Jessica McCormack
Cognitive Science and Philosophy, CUNY Graduate Center
Title TBA


November 17:  Verónica Gómez
Philosophy, Rutgers University, and Rutgers Center for
Cognitive Science (RuCCS)
Title TBA


November 24:  No talk—Thanksgiving 


December 1:  Ian Phillips
Philosophy, Princeton University and University of Oxford
Title TBA


December 8:  Biyu Jade He
Neurology, Neuroscience, and Physiology and the
Neuroscience Institute, NYU Langone Medical Center
Title TBA


A PDF flier listing Fall 2017 talks is at http://tinyurl.com/cstalks