Experimental Philosophy in 3-D

Experimental Philosophy in 3-D


Experimental Philosophy in 3-D

Friday, March 15, 5:00-6:30 pm NYU, The Ground Floor Auditorium at 5 Washington Place

Experimental philosophy is a new approach that’s taking up the methods of cognitive science in the pursuit of answers to difficult philosohical questions. That’s right: philosophers who conduct experiments. In line with the spirit of this new approach, media artist Ben Coonley has directed a series of short videos illustrating three experimental philosophy studies. The newest one has been shot in 3-D. We will screen these videos as part of an interactive event where audience members will be able to talk directly to both the philosophers whose work the videos depict and Coonley himself. Here’s Coonley’s first video on experimental philosophy:

The videos screened at this event depict philosophical work by Joshua Knobe (Yale University), Jonathan Phillips (Yale University) and Hagop Sarkissian (Baruch College).

The event also marks the first public showing of a 3-D video on moral relativism starring singer Amanda Palmer, and includes an ‘interactive’ video about the nature of happiness in which audience members can fill in their own answers and the very brief video starring comedian Eugene Mirman (above).

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[Image: Porcupine Phantom]