Department Newsletter Achievements & Awards Survey

Department Newsletter Achievements & Awards Survey

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CUNY GC Philosophy Department Newsletter Achievements & Awards Questionnaire 2013-2014

We are creating an end-of-year newsletter to document the events and accomplishments of our department. It will be displayed online and disseminated in print. Please help us highlight the achievements of individual Graduate Center faculty, alumni, and students by completing the questionnaire.

The objective of this survey is to compile a list of achievements (books published, papers published, presentations given, grants won, etc.) for possible inclusion in the newsletter. Individuals should enter what they consider to be their most significant achievements (maximum of 5 entries). By completing this questionnaire you agree that we may publish the submitted information. Because of space constraints, parts of this survey may not be published in the final newsletter.

If you do not have anything of this type to report on, you can skip this survey. If you do not complete this survey, you will not be included in the newsletter.

Thank you for your time.

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