CUNY Philosophers Featured in 2018 American Society for Aesthetics Eastern Division Meeting

CUNY Philosophers Featured in 2018 American Society for Aesthetics Eastern Division Meeting

CUNY Philosophers are a fixture of the annual Eastern Division Meeting of the American Society for Aesthetics. This year’s meeting, April 20th-21st in Philadelphia, is co-chaired by David Clowney (Rowan University) and CUNY Philosophy PhD Candidate John Dyck. Five department alumni and three current PhD students will present or comment on papers.

Program highlights are listed below. Click here for a PDF of the full conference program.

Friday, April 20th

9 am – 11 am

Chair: Diego Malquori (Cooper Union)

  • Miguel Dos Santos (Princeton University & UCL), “Vague Art”
    Comment: David Friedell (UBC)
  • Frank Boardman (Worcester State [alum]), “Inspiration and Explanation”
    Comment: Robbie Kubala (Columbia University)
  • Bill Seeley (Bates College [alum]), “Concepts and Categories of Art”
    Comment: Erik Schmidt (Gonzaga University)

11:15 am – 12:45 pm

RITTENHOUSE ROOM: “Dance and Fashion, Style and Play”
Chair: Julie C. Van Camp (American Society for Aesthetics)

  • Aili Bresnahan (University of Dayton), “Dancing Style.”
    Comment: Kristin Boyce (Mississippi State University)
  • Laura Di Summa-Knoop (William Paterson University [alum]),
    “Fashion as Play.”
    Comment: Marilynn Johnson (Florida International University [alum])

Saturday, April 21st

9 am – 11 am

RITTENHOUSE ROOM: Justice and Injustice in Art”
Chair: Dena Schottenkirk (CUNY—Brooklyn College)

  • Zoe Cunliffe (CUNY—The Graduate Center [PhD student]),
    “Epistemic Injustice and the Role of Narrative Fiction”
    Comment: Min Tang (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
  • Kathryn Wojtkiewiewicz (CUNY—The Graduate Center [PhD student]),
    “Creating the Social Imaginary: Fiction Creators and Their Hermeneutic Responsibility”
    Comment: Rachel Falkenstern (St. Francis College)
  • Xiaoyan Hu (University of Liverpool),
    “Moral Enlightenment of Classical Chinese Art”
    Comment: Joseph Harroff (University of Hawaii at Manoa)
    Recipient of an Irene H. Chayes Travel Grant

11:15 am – 12:45 pm

LOGAN ROOM: “Public Art”
Chair: Katherine Kurtz (Villanova University)

  • Andrea Borghini (University of Milan), “Cooking as a Form of Public Art”
    Comment: Susan Feagin (Temple University)
  • Angela Sun (University of Michigan), “Architects as Public Artists”
    Comment: Saul Fisher (Mercy College [alum])

RITTENHOUSE ROOM: “Music and Video Games”
Chair: Moonyoung Hwang (Temple University)

  • Matteo Ravasio (University of Aukland), “Tactile Values of Videogames”
    Comment: Javier Gomez-Lavin
    (CUNY—The Graduate Center [PhD Candidate])
  • Phil Jenkins (Marywood University),
    “Two Theories of Emotional Expression in Music”
    Comment: Brandon Polite (Knox College)