CUNY Philosophers Abound at American Society for Aesthetics Eastern Division Meeting

CUNY Philosophers Abound at American Society for Aesthetics Eastern Division Meeting

Two CUNY philosophers — alumna Laura Di-Summa Knoop and PhD Candidate John Dyck — are co-organizers of the 2019 Eastern Division Meeting of the American Society for Aesthetics, April 5th-6th in Philadelphia, PA.

This year’s conference program features four CUNY Philosophy alumni and two current PhD students; see below for highlights from that program.

Friday, April 5


LOGAN: “Aesthetic Evaluation”
Chair: Julie Van Camp, American Society for Aesthetics

  • Elizabeth Cantalamessa (University of Miami), “Innovative Art and Aesthetic Disagreement”
    • Comment: Thomas Adajian (James Madison University)
  • Jason Cutmore (Temple University): “Mere ‘memes’ and ‘likes’: A Critique of ‘Mere Exposure to Bad Art”
    • Comment: Javier Gomez-Lavin (University of Pennsylvania [alum])
  • Cheryl Frazier (University of Oklahoma) “‘Fuck Flattering!’ and Beauty Resistance”
    • Comment: Rachel Falkenstern (St Francis College, Brooklyn)

Saturday, April 6


LOGAN: “Fiction/Nonfiction”
Chair TBA

  • Natallia Stelmak Schabner* (CUNY, The Graduate Center [alum]), “Engagement with Fiction: Active Reconstruction and Emotional Dissonance”
    • Comment: Craig Agule (Rutgers University-Camden)
  • Elías Solís Serrano, “Actual VS Hypothetical Authors in Hypothetical Intentionalism”
    • Comment: Moonyoung Song (University of Maryland)
  • Ira Newman (Mansfield University), “‘The Old Lie’: Contested Truth in Literature”
    • Comment: Erik Schmidt (Gonzaga University)

RITTENHOUSE: Author meets critics session on Saam Trivedi, Imagination, Music, and the Emotions: A Philosophical Study (SUNY Press, 2017)

  • Chair: Ted Gracyk (Minnesota State University-Moorhead)
  • Author: Saam Trivedi (Brooklyn College)
    • Respondents: Jeanette Bicknell (Independent Scholar and ASA Ombudsperson), Joseph Moore (Amherst College), Margaret Moore (University of Tennessee-Knoxville), and Adriana Renero (New York University [alum])


LOGAN: “Atmosphere”
Chair TBA

  • Sue Spaid, “Presentation-Reception Model: Performers’ Interpretation <=> Audience Appreciation”
    • Comment: Jennifer Judkins (UCLA)
  • James Hamilton (Kansas State University), “Atmospheres in Architecture and Scenography”
    • Comment: Saul Fisher (Mercy College [alum])



LOGAN: “Film and Media” Chair: Dena Shottenkirk (Brooklyn College)

  • Lindsey Fiorelli (Minerva Schools at KGI), “Why Movies Can’t Lie”
    • Comment: Ng Sai Ying (CUNY, The Graduate Center [PhD student])
  • Abel Franco (California State University), “The Viewer’s “Film Emotional Life” as the Distinctive Aesthetic Object of (fiction) films”
    • Comment: Jordan Shaw (Washington University-St.Louis)
  • Henry Pratt (Marist College), “Defensible Medium Specificity”
    • Comment: Stephen Davies (Auckland)


RITTENHOUSE: “Aesthetic Experience” Chair: Bradley Elicker (Rowan University)

  • Kate Wojtkiewicz*^ (CUNY, The Graduate Center [PhD candidate]), “Not-so-Trivial Triviality: What We Can Learn from Fiction”
    • Comment: Raciel Cuevas (Temple University)
  • Jenefer Robinson (University of Cincinnati), “What are Aesthetic Emotions?”
    • Comment: John Brown (University of Maryland)
  • Lorenza D’Angelo (Syracuse University), “Aesthetic Experience and the Senses”
    • Comment: Moonyoung Hwang (Temple University)

* Winners of Irene H. Chayes Travel Fund awards
^ Winner of the 2019 ASA Dissertation Award