CUNY Colloquium Schedule Fall 2015

CUNY Colloquium Schedule Fall 2015

Each colloquium is held on Wednesday at 4:15 P.M. All colloquia will take place at the Graduate Center in rooms 9204/9205 except as otherwise noted. Please call (212) 817-8615 for further information.

Sept. 9
The Jonathan Adler Memorial Lecture
Alvin Goldman, Rutgers University
“Gettier and the Epistemic Appraisal of Philosophical Intuition”

Sept. 16          
Mark Balaguer, Cal State LA
“Why The Debate About Composition is Factually Empty (Or Why There’s No Fact of the Matter Whether Anything Exists)”

Sept. 23
No Colloquium – Yom Kippur

Sept. 30
Gene Witmer, University of Florida
“Physicality for Physicalists”

Oct. 7 
Catherine Wilson, CUNY Graduate Center
“Another Darwinian Aesthetics”
Oct. 14           
Branden Fitelson, Rutgers University
“Epistemic Utility Theory”
Oct. 21           
Alumni Day Lecture
Robert Talisse, Vanderbilt University
“A Pragmatist Critique of Non-Ideal Theory”

Oct. 28           
Jennifer Morton, CUNY City College
“Reasoning Under Scarcity”

Nov. 4
Michael Devitt, CUNY Graduate Center
“Should There Still Be a Problem About the Meaning of Proper Names?”

Nov. 11
Jonathan Gilmore, CUNY Baruch College
“Emotions Fit for Fictions”

Nov. 18
Graham Priest, CUNY Graduate Center

Nov. 25
No Colloquium – Thanksgiving

Dec. 2
Ellen Fridland, University of London – King’s College
“Motor Skill and Moral Virtue”
Dec. 9
Justin Clarke-Doane, Columbia University
“Modal Objectivity”