CUNY Aestheticians Head North for the American Society for Aesthetics Annual Meeting

CUNY Aestheticians Head North for the American Society for Aesthetics Annual Meeting

The 76th Annual Meeting of the American Society for Aesthetics will take place in Toronto, Ontario from October 10 – 13, 2018. As usual, CUNY Philosophy students, faculty, and alumni will be well-represented at the conference. Here are the panels in which you may find some familiar faces presenting, commenting, or chair sessions:

Thursday, October 11


Issues of Ontology
Chair: Michel Xhignesse (University of British Columbia)

  • Speaker: Elisa Caldarola (University of Padua), “A Fresh Approach to the Meta-Ontology of Art”
    • Commentator: David Davies (McGill University)
  • Speaker: William Seeley (Bates College [alum]), “Locating Art”
    • Commentator: David Friedell (UBC)


Art: Status and Subsidy
Chair: Roger Shiner (University of British Columbia Okanagan & Okanagan College)

  • Speaker: Elizabeth Cantalamessa (University of Miami), “Art By Fiat? Copyright, Ontology, and Metalinguistic Negotiation” Winner of the Outstanding Student Paper Award
    • Commentator: Darren Hudson Hick (Furman University)
  • Speaker: Brian Soucek (University of California, Davis), “Danto on Censorship and Subsidy of the Arts”
    • Commentator: Jonathan Gilmore (CUNY Graduate Center [faculty])

Philosophy & Aesthetics:Then and Now
In Honour of Kate Millet and Linda Nochlin
(Feminist Caucus Panel)
Chair: Mary Wiseman Goldstein (Brooklyn College and Graduate Center of CUNY [emerita faculty])

  • Panelist: Gemma Argüello Manresa (Universidad Nacional Autónoma des México)
  • Panelist: Ryan Musgrave (Rollins College)
  • Panelist: Monique Roelofs (Hampshire College)
  • Panelist: Sue Spaid (Independent Scholar)


Normativity and Obligations
Chair: Jonathan Neufeld (College of Charleston)

  • Speaker: Robbie Kubala (Columbia University), “Fittingness and Value: A Two-Level Theory of (Some) Aesthetic Normativity)”
    • Commentator: Alexandra King (University at Buffalo)
  • Speaker: John Dyck (City University of New York [PhD Candidate]), “There Are No Aesthetic Obligations”
    • Commentator: Ira Newman (Mansfield University)

Authors Meet Critics: Lee B. Brown, David Goldblatt, Theodore Gracyk’s Jazz and the Philosophy of Art
Chair: Saul Fisher (Mercy College [alum])

  • Panelist: John Andrew Fisher (University of Colorado, Boulder)
  • Panelist: Teresa Reed (University of Tulsa)
  • Panelist: Tracy McMullen (Bowdoin College)
  • Panelist: Eric Lewis (McGill University)
  • Panelist: Aaron Johnson (University of Pittsburgh)
  • Author: Theodore Gracyk (Minnesota State University, Moorhead)


Saturday, October 13


Television, Movies
Chair: Laura di Summa-Knoop (William Paterson University of New Jersey [alum])

  • Speaker: Kathryn Lawson (Queen’s University), “Margaret Atwood and a Feminist Aesthetics of the Small Screen”
    • Commentator: Victoria I. Burke (Ryerson University)
  • Speaker: Uku Tooming (Harvard University), “The Puzzle of Good Bad Movies”
    • Commentator: Tom Wartenberg (Mount Holyoke College)


Formalism in Design and Architecture
Chair: Remei Capdevila Werning (Oberlin College)

  • Panelist: Saul Fisher (Mercy College [alum]), “Aesthetic Formalism and Architectural Formalism”
  • Panelist: Michalle Gal (Shenkar College of Engineering, Design, and Art), “Aesthetic Qualities of Function-Depleted Designed Forms”
  • Panelist: Ivan Gaskell (Bard Graduate Center), “Formalism and Categorization in Building Design”
  • Panelist: Glenn Parsons (Ryerson University), “Graham’s Principle”