Create Your Website: Openings for Individual Commons Training

Create Your Website: Openings for Individual Commons Training

Dates have been added to the calendar for individual training sessions on the CUNY Commons with Marilynn Johnson, the Department Social Media Fellow, in the philosophy lounge. During this time we will create your academic website together which you will then be able to edit. The CUNY Commons offers this web hosting service FREE for GC faculty and students.

These trainings will be held Thursdays from 3:00 – 4:00*. ONLY open to current philosophy department students and faculty.

To reserve a week, visit the calendar and reply “Reserved by: YOUR NAME” in the comment section of one of the dates. If that week is taken see the calendar for additional dates.

See as an example of what we could do.



The CUNY Commons is an online networking tool across all CUNY campuses. CUNY faculty and GC students can create an account online with their email addresses. Commons Sites use the WordPress platform and can be updated from any computer.

Personal Academic Site: Personal webpages are intended to be used for personal promotion. .pdfs of papers and CVs can be hosted on the Commons server as well. Videos & mp3s can be embedded in personal webpages.


* Many people have class at this time. If that is the case for you this semester, keep an eye out for next fall. With luck, these trainings will continue through next year. If you’re eager to have a training this semester and can’t meet at this time, talk to Marilynn to set something up.