Cognitive Science Spring 2013 Speaker Series

Cognitive Science Spring 2013 Speaker Series


   Spring 2013, Fridays, 1-3 pm

Room 7102, CUNY Graduate Center

February 15:  David Papineau
Philosophy, King’s College London
“Can We Really See a Million Colours?”


February 22:  Marcela Herdova
Philosophy, Florida State University
“Intentions and Weakness of Will:  On Addiction”


March 1:  Karen Adolph
Psychology and Neural Science, New York University
“Learning in Development”


March 8:  Peter Gollwitzer
Psychology, New York University
Title TBA


March 15:  Jake Quilty-Dunn
Cognitive Science and Philosophy, CUNY Graduate Center
“Direct Perception and Representation”


No talks March 22 and March 29 (Passover and Spring Break)


No talk April 5 (CUNY Graduate Student Philosophy Conference)


April 12:  Janet Fodor
Linguistics, CUNY Graduate Center
“A Minimalist Psycholinguistics?  Resolving the Misfit between
Grammars and Parsers”


April 19:  Marjan Persuh
Psychology, City College of New York
Title TBA


April 26:  Eric Mandelbaum
Mind/Brain/Behavior Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard University
“The Propositional Structure of Implicit Attitudes”


May 3:  Michael Strevens
Philosophy, New York University
“Concept Acquisition without Definitions”


May 10:  Ronald de Sousa
Philosophy, University of Toronto
“Reasoning and Emotion, in the Light of the Dual Processing
Model of Cognition”

The Cognitive Science Speaker Series meets weekly at the Graduate Center, City
University of New York, 365 Fifth Avenue, room 7-102, from 1:00 till about 3:00 pm.
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or e-mail David Rosenthal <>