Cognitive Science Speaker Series -- Spring 2019

Cognitive Science Speaker Series — Spring 2019

Spring 2019, Fridays, 1-3 pm
Room 7102, CUNY Graduate Center

February 15:  Andrew Lee
Philosophy, New York University
“Introspective Error”

February 22:  William Robinson
Philosophy, Iowa State University
“An Epiphenomenalist Response to the
Meta-Problem of Consciousness”

March 1:  Wesley Sauret
Philosophy, University of Bayreuth
“Attention:  The Mind’s Promoter”

March 8:  Jean-Paul Noel
Center for Neural Science, New York University
“Multisensory Perceptual Awareness:  From the
‘Inside-Out’ and the ‘Outside-In'”

March 15:  Santiago Echeverri
Philosophy, New York University
“Expressing Self-Consciousness”

March 22Howard Robinson
Philosophy, Central European University and Rutgers
“The Fundamental Irrelevance of Intentionality to Phenomenal Consciousness”

March 29:  Javier Gomez-Lavin
Philosophy, University of Pennsylvania
“What Comes after Working Memory?”

April 5:  No Cognitive Science talk
CUNY Graduate Student Conference
Theme:  “Intersubjectivity and Interpretation”
Keynote:  Jay Garfield, Smith College and
University of Melbourne

April 12:  Robyn Waller
Philosophy and Neuroscience, Iona College
“Sense of Agency and Cognitive Control in Sleep Deprivation:
Neurological Underpinnings and Philosophical Implications”

April 19, 26:  No talks—Spring Break

May 3:  No Cognitive Science talk
Event of interest to be announced

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