Cognitive Science | Fall 2013 Speaker Series

Cognitive Science | Fall 2013 Speaker Series

                                Fall 2013, Fridays, 1-3 pm
                         Room 7102, CUNY Graduate Center


September 20:  Lila Gleitman
Psychology, University of Pennsylvania
“How Children Learn Which Words Bear Which Meanings”


September 27:  David Chalmers
Philosophy, NYU and ANU; NYU:  Center for Mind, Brain,
and Consciousness; ANU:  Centre for Consciousness
Title TBA


October 4:  Massimo Piattelli-Palmarini
Cognitive Science, Linguistics, and Psychology,
University of Arizona
“Steps to the Physics of Language”


October 11:  Manolo Martinez
Philosophy, Logic, Language, and Cognition Research Group
(LOGOS), University of Barcelona, and Beatriu de Pinós
Fellow and Visiting Scholar, CUNY Graduate Center
“The Rationalizing Role of Pains”


October 18:  Nemira Gasiunas
Philosophy, Columbia University
“Comparative Relations and the Structure of Perceptual Content”


October 25:  Marcel den Dikken
Linguistics, CUNY Graduate Center
Title TBA


November 1:  Christopher Hill
Philosophy, Brown University
“Visual Awareness and Visual Qualia”


November 8:  Rafael Yuste
Neuroscience, Neuroscience, Howard Hughes Medical Institute,
Columbia University, and The Brain Activity Map Project
“Towards a General Theory of Brain Function”


November 15: Ben Phillips
Cognitive Science and Philosophy, Graduate Center Kripke Fellow
“Representational Roles and Content Indeterminacy”


November 22:  Gill Shen
Cognitive Science and Philosophy, Graduate Center Kripke Fellow
“How Representationalism (of Some Sort) Leads to
Epiphenomenalism (of Some Sort)”


November 29:  No talk—Thanksgiving


December 6-7: NYU Conference on Brain Mapping
Jurow Lecture Hall, Silver Center
Room 101, 100 Washington Square East


A pdf flier listing fall 2013 talks is at


Organized by David Rosenthal, Coordinator, Interdisciplinary Concentration in Cognitive Science Email: