CFP: SSPP in New Orleans Due Dec 15

CFP: SSPP in New Orleans Due Dec 15

Call for Philosophy Papers

The Southern Society for Philosophy and Psychology announces a call for papers for its One Hundred and Seventh Annual Meeting, to be held April 2-4, 2015 in New Orleans, LA. SSPP meetings feature concurrent programs in Philosophy and Psychology, as well as plenary sessions jointly sponsored by the Philosophy and Psychology Program Committees. The deadline for all philosophy submissions is December 15, 2014.

The Philosophy Program Committee encourages the submission of single-authored papers as well as symposium proposals. Selection will be based on quality, relevance to issues at the intersection of Philosophy and Psychology (as well as other sciences of the mind), and program considerations–The aim of the program committee is to present a program that is as balanced as the quality of submissions in each area will allow (Though papers addressing issues of gender, race, sexuality, bias, and social exclusion are especially encouraged).

Paper submissions exceeding 3,000 words will not be considered. Each paper submission must include a word count and abstract of no more than 150 words. Self-reference should be deleted to permit anonymous review. Proposals for symposia must include a 750 word proposal for the symposium, a list of presenters and affiliations, and a 300 word abstract for each proposed paper. All papers and proposal must employ gender-neutral language; and all submissions must be made using our online submission system at:

Under the Keywords section, in addition to descriptions of the submission, please include any of the following that are applicable: To volunteer to be a session chair: ‘Chair.’ To comment on a paper: ‘Comment.’ To be considered for a Graduate Student Travel Award: ‘GSTA.’ To be considered for the Griffith Prize: ‘Griffith.’ For details and eligibility see:

President’s invited speaker:
Susanna Siegel (Harvard University)

Invited Speakers:
Ruth G. Millikan (University of Connecticut)
Kathleen Akins (Simon Fraser University)
Bob Kentridge (Durham University)

Invited Symposia:

Making and Faking Emotions
Adam Kovach (Marymount University)
Laura Sizer (Hampshire College)
Craig DeLancey (SUNY, Oswego)

Ophelia Deroy (University of London)
Jennifer Matey (Florida International University)

Morgan’s Canon
Eric Saidel (George Washington University)
Jennifer Vonk (Oakland University)
Simon Fitzpatrick (John Carroll University)

Natural Kinds
Dan Weiskopf (Georgia State University)
Brian Keeley (Pitzer College)
Jackie Sullivan (Western University)
Muhammad Ali Khalidi (York University)

Special Session: Philosophy for Cognitive Scientists
Heidi Maibom (University of Cincinnati)
Shannon Spaulding (Oklahoma State University)
Pete Mandik (William Patterson University)
Cameron Buckner (University of Houston)

Please direct any Philosophy Program related questions to the Philosophy Program Chair, Tad Zawidzki,

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