CFP: Film-Philosophy Conference Due 1/24

CFP: Film-Philosophy Conference Due 1/24

Film-Philosophy Conference 2014: A World of Cinemas

University of Glasgow

July 2, 2014 – July 4, 2014


The Film-Philosophy Conference 2014 will be hosted by Film and Television Studies at the University of Glasgow. This will be the seventh annual Film-Philosophy conference, and as always we are open to paper and panel proposals on all aspects of film and philosophy. This year, we particularly welcome proposals which engage with the conference theme: A World of Cinemas.

In recognition of the consolidation of film-philosophy as a vibrant and steadily growing interdisciplinary field, F-P2014 will focus attention on the global context in which film-philosophical enquiry takes place. This will begin the process of broadening the scope of our research to greater encompass a world of cinemas (Hollywood, Bollywood, Nollywood et al.) and philosophies (Deleuze, Dussel, Spivak, Oruka, Soroush, Karatani et al.).

Keynote Speakers:


Possible Panel or Paper Topics might include (although are not limited to) film-philosophical explorations of:

  • Non-Western, non-canonical, or non-normative films and philosophy
  • Non-Western, non-canonical, or non-normative philosophies and film
  • Going beyond the Analytic/Continental divide through film-philosophy
  • Approaching philosophical issues through cinema from a post-national, transnational, international or global perspective
  • Globalization
  • Geopolitics
  • Cross border population movements (diasporas, refugees, tourists, et al)
  • Ecology
  • Film history/historiography
  • Visual anthropology
  • World History
  • World Systems
  • Ethics
  • Bodies (human, nonhuman, animal, et al)
  • Time
  • Memory
  • Affect
  • Violence
  • Making meaning of and from international film production and distribution (eg festivals, digital, online distribution, DVD, etc)
  • Hollywood, Bollywood, Nollywood, and beyond
  • Eurocentrism (potentially including Unthinking Eurocentrism, anti-Eurocentrism, anti-anti-Euroentrism, Provincialising Europe et al)
  • Multiculturalism
  • Post-colonialism
  • Orientalism
  • Interrogating the terms “world cinema” and/or “world philosophy”
  • Identity Politics
  • New Technologies
  • Global Culture/Global Cinema
  • Network Societies
  • Global Genres
  • BRIC Cinemas
  • Multi-platform film
  • Papers related to the work of the invited keynotes

Please submit abstracts of 200-300 words, along with a short bio, via the conference website by 24 January 2014:

F-P2014 has been timed to fall immediately after the annual Screen conference at Glasgow, but before the World Cup Final weekend, and the Commonwealth Games (also at Glasgow).

Conference Organiser: David Martin-Jones (University of Glasgow)

Conference Co-organisers: David Sorfa (University of Edinburgh), Robert Sinnerbrink (Macquarie University), Lucy Bolton (Queen Mary, London).

Conference Assistants: Conor Mckeown (University of Glasgow), Jiaying Sim (University of Glasgow), Stuart Purcell (University of Glasgow).

With the generous support of the University of Glasgow, and the Scots Philosophical Association.