Call for Questions: Conscious Experience of Time | Due 7/22

Call for Questions: Conscious Experience of Time | Due 7/22

Conscious experience of time: its significance and interpretation in neuroscience and philosophy” at the Berlin School of Mind and Brain.

organized by Michał Klincewicz, Sophie Herbst, Anna Strasser
30 September – 2 October 2014
Venue: Berlin School of Mind and Brain, Luisenstraße 56, Festsaal, 10117 Berlin

Time is an important dimension of cognition and conscious experience that is still poorly understood. This workshop will provide a forum for serious interdisciplinary collaboration between philosophy and neuroscience, but will appeal to anyone interested in the temporal dimension of conscious experience and perception.

Recent work in philosophy of mind and metaphysics has yielded a number of new theoretical models of the experience of passage of time, duration, and timing of events. At the same time, research in neuroscience has been uncovering the neural mechanisms that underlie time perception and consciousness. This workshop will bridge these common strands in the work of philosophers and neuroscientists. For example, by bringing neurobiological models of temporal perception to bear on theorizing about the content of conscious experience of time and vice versa. We will also discuss subjective distortions of time, which may be useful in testing the viability of such models.


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Call for Questions

Is there something you always wanted to know about subjective time?  Is there an issue in the work of one of our speakers that you always wanted to know more about?  Do you just like to ask challenging questions?
The Call for Questions is just what you have been looking for!
Please send us one or more questions that you would like to ask the expert speakers. Please  have a look at the abstracts on the website, or just ask any question you always dreamt of being answered. We will collect these questions and present a selection of them during the discussions in each panel.
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Michał Klincewicz, Sophie Herbst, and Anna Strasser