Announcing the CUNY Philosophy Brown Bag Luncheon Series

Announcing the CUNY Philosophy Brown Bag Luncheon Series

The weekly CUNY Philosophy Brown Bag Luncheon series begins Friday, October 19th, starting at 11:00am and running until 12:45pm (roughly), in the Philosophy Thesis Room. PhD student Maria Victoria Salazar will give the first presentation of the year.

According to the series organizers,

“These luncheons are informal ways for students and faculty to share and get feedback on their current work.  Past presentations have been in a variety of stages of completion, ranging from just having an idea to doing a dry-run of a conference talk. So, projects need not be fully worked out; this is a way to run ideas past each other and chat about each other’s work. Possible things to present on include term papers, QPs being revised, parts of dissertations, or just papers currently being developed. Folks attending will show up, listen to informal presentations, and workshop ideas & arguments therein.

We hope to see you all there! There will be much merriment and philosophy going down!”

Students interested in sharing their own work in one of these luncheons may claim an upcoming Friday slot by adding their name to the sign-up sheet in the department lounge, on the table next to the computer bank.

The organizers have also created a Facebook Group for the series; please email or message any Student Steering Committee rep to be added. For any questions about the series, feel free to email Jessie McCormack at jlm13 [at] vt [dot] edu.