About This Website

About This Website

This is an aggregate of information from various sources selected as being of interest to fellow philosophy graduate students – something of a virtual department bulletin board. Click around and check out what’s here. You could start with the calendar or the videos.

If you are a graduate student in the CUNY philosophy program this Website is for you. You can create your own post by joining the Philosophy Group in the CUNY Commons. As a member, you are given author status on this Website. For more information, visit the adding to this Website page.

This Site includes events at locations a subway (or train) ride away from the Graduate Center, such as NYU, Columbia, Princeton, Rutgers, or nearby museums. In some cases these events have no official affiliation or connection with the CUNY Graduate Center, but are posted here because our students may wish to attend.

If you have questions about content, please email the source referenced in the post or refer to our department website. The information on this website is added by graduate students and its presence here does not make it “official”.

This Website was created by Marilynn Johnson, with support from the Provost’s Office as a part of a larger project to enrich the department’s online & social media presence. It is currently maintained by Lauren Alpert.



This Website is meant to be a collaborative work.  Make a post about the reading group you put together, a conference you’re speaking at, or let us know about a room you have for rent. Adding it to this site is easy.

Our social media accounts are synchronized so that Commons posts go automatically to the GC Philosophy Facebook & Twitter accounts.

If you get lost in the 101 version, click here for the step-by-step-with-pictures version.

Using this Site 101

Step 1: Join the Philosophy Group in the CUNY Commons. This is restricted to GC students and faculty in the philosophy program.

Step 2: On the top of your commons page you see something that says “My Blogs“. Click on this, slide cursor down to CUNY GC Philosophy, and then click on Dashboard.

Step 3: You’re in! It might look foreign but the WordPress platform is very user friendly. Or maybe you already have a blog on WordPress and know exactly what to do, in which case you can add to this guide!

Step 4: On the left of the screen you’ll see a menu of all the parts of the Philosophy Site that you can edit. Click on Posts >> New Post.

Step 5: Now you’re in your post. You’ll add a title and text. Clicking on the symbols on the top will allow you to do things like add a link, or change the font.

Step 6: If you don’t add a picture our home page will show a sad scroll of gray instead of remaining the masterpiece it is now, so add a picture. If you don’t have a picture on hand, find something related on someone’s open source flickr page – try searching, e.g., “consciousness” or “virtue” – and cite the author. Or, take a screenshot of a page you are linking to as seen on the Philosophy Bites post. I recommend saving the photo to a file or your desktop before uploading. At the top of the icons, right above the bold key, there is a photo insert symbol. Click on this.  Make sure to click “add to featured image” to make sure it shows up on the photo carousel on the home page. Then click, “add to document”.

Step 7: Now add it to a category on the right. This will ensure that users can find your post under the right heading. Make sure to add it to one of the categories that is listed on the menu on the main page, such as “Listen” or “Groups” to make sure it shows up when users click there. If you can’t find the right category, send me a message and I will add it.

Step 8: Under “Location”, click Featured” to add your post to the image slider on the home page.

Step 9: Click the blue “Publish” button on the right.

Step 10: Check your post on the website. If you did everything right, it should be the first thing to show up on the home page, with the first few lines of text in front of the beautiful picture you uploaded. If something didn’t work right, you can go back to Post >>All Posts>>Title>>Edit and adjust whatever needs to be done.

Step 11: Sit and watch your new post pop up on the carousel over and over and bask in the glory of having added to the CUNY Philosophy Commons Site and contributed to the philosophy community at the Graduate Center. We thank you!

If you get lost in the 101 version, click here for the step-by-step-with-pictures version.

If you get stuck, email Lauren Alpert for assistance.