A Night of Philosophy Apr 24 at the French Embassy

A Night of Philosophy Apr 24 at the French Embassy

http://www.barbaraleung.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/consulat-general-france-225x300.jpgCUNY Philosophy Professors Barbara Montero & Massimo Pigliucci, along with 60 others, will present at this unique upcoming event at the French Embassy on the Upper East Side.

A Night of Philosophy premieres in New York April 24, 2015.

From 7pm to 7am, philosophy will occupy the historic corner of Fifth Avenue and 79th Street. Come and experience an innovative and original nocturnal happening, with over 80 events ranging from philosophical lectures to artistic performances, from theatre to video art, from songs to dance and DJ sets.

Come and experience philosophy as performance.

Events will simultaneously happen in all corners of the two mansions. Roam free throughout the unique settings of the French Cultural Services and the Ukrainian Institute of America, stumble upon enlightening talks, piano improvisations, unexpected performances, a musical spacecraft fallen from the sky. It will make you see philosophy, and night, in a whole new light.

The entire event is free and open to all.

We will provide coffee all night and croissants as the sun rises!

So don’t miss your first night with philosophy in the city that never sleeps.

A Night of Philosophy is an event created and staged by Mériam Korichi.


Albertine Books, 1st Floor

P is Not Dead

12-hour live soundtrack for A Night of Philosophy in NYC and books for sale

David Copenhafer, Indeterminacy, 7 pm

Dj Zenon Marko with Simon Critchley, 7:30 pm

Collective Task, PPP, 10 pm

Manuel Cirauqui, Discothèque philosophique feat. Iván Navarro, 12 am

Special playlist ,5 am


Albertine Books, 2nd Floor

12-hour lounge

Ofri Cnaani, Yes, Yes, Yes9:30 pm


Ballroom, 2nd Floor

Monique Canto-Sperber, Freedom of Speech, 7 pm

Katalin Balog, Subjectivity in Kierkegaard and Buddhism, 7:30 pm

Russ Shafer-Landau, Why Moral Relativism Appeals and Why we should Resist, 8 pm

Arnaud Milanese, Critique and Modernity According to Francis Bacon, 8:30 pm

Barbara Cassin, “I Take Your Knees”, Homer and Austin, 9 pm

Dan Garber, Can you decide to believe in God? Thoughts after Pascal’s Wager, 9:30 pm

Brewer, Proselytism Without True Believers, 10 pm

Roger Pouivet, Is Religious Faith Rational?, 10:30 pm

Omri Boehm, Thinking, Obedience, Enlightenment, Revolution, 11 pm

Pierre Wagner, Philosophy and Enlightenment in the 21st Century, 11:30

Delphine Antoine-Mahut, Litmus Testing the Modern Thinkers: The Actuality of the History of Philosophy, 12 am

Julie Henry, A Spinozist Approach to Medical Ethics, 12:30 am

Todor Todorov, The Forgotten Science, 1 am

Anthony Appiah, Honor now, 1:30 am

Jean-Pierre Dupuy, Choosing the Past: From Vertigo to Nuclear Deterrence, 2 am

Paul Bloomfield, Morality is Necessary for Happiness, 2:30 am

Christophe Litwin, Do we rationally prefer our non-existence? Rousseau’s reflexion on the logic of Nihilism, 3:30 am

Justin Clark-Doane, The Anti-philosophical Position, 4 am

Simon Critchley, Suicide, 4:30 am

Pete Mandik, Metaphysical Daring as a Post-human Survival Strategy, 5 am

Sandra Laugier, The Ethics of Care as Resource for Democracy, 5h30

Alice Le Goff, Is Honor Obsolete in Modern Society?, 6h

Isidora Stojanovic, Will this be Worthwhile?, 6h30


Marble Room, 2nd floor

Eve Bailey, Rising Awareness, 9 pm

Trisha Bauman, Body text, 10:55 pm

Clifford Owens, A Medley: 5 Performance Art Scores, 3 am



Board Room, 1st Floor

Stéphane Thidet, From Walden to Space – Chapter II/The Hut, 7 pm – 7 am


Chandelier Room, 2nd Floor

Bar (drinks for sale), 7 pm – 4 am

Matthew Caws, Songs, 6 :10 am


Conservatory, 2nd Floor

Stéphane Thidet, Ask, 7 pm- 7 am


Concert Hall, 2nd Floor

David Albert, The Direction of Time, 7 pm

Christopher Peacocke, Metaphysics First, 7:30 pm

JC Beall, What is logic ? Why is it weak?, 8 pm

Barry Loewer, Boltzmann Brains, 8:30 pm

Susan Schneider, Alien Minds, 9 pm

Susanna Schellenberg, The Particular Elements of Perceptual Experience, 9:30 pm

Francis Wolff, What is Music?, 10 pm

Karol Beffa, Improvisations, 10:30 pm

Tim Maudlin, A 15-Minute Proof That the World is Bizarre, 11pm

Claudine Tiercelin, Should Anyone Afraid of Essentialism? , 11:30 pm

Paul Egré, Why is Our Language Vague?, 12 am

Etienne Bimbenet, “Say “Hello””… What Language Does to Human”, 12:30 am

Trisha Bauman, Karol Beffa, Mimi Cohen, Spinoza in Kiev, 1 am

Sophie Roux, Is A Thought Experiment an Experiment?, 1:50 am

Achile Varzi, An Adventure in Flatland, 2:20 am

Alexander Rosenberg, In Defence of Scienticism , 2:50 am

Rossen Ventzislavov, Performance Art: Three way of Being Serious, 3:20 am

David Colosi, “Leshonki”, 3:50 am

Massimo Pigliucci, Philosophy as Practical Wisdom: The Case for Stoicism, 4:20 am

Barbara Montero, I Think, Therefore I Can, 4:50 am

Christophe Bouton, Time and Freedom, 5:20 am

Lydia Goehr, Early Morning Exit, or the Concept of Exodus, 5:50 am

Thierry Costesèque, Western, 6:45 am



Library Room, 3rd Floor

Chiara Bottici, From Mythos to Logos, and Back. Machiavelli and Fortune, 7 pm

Christopher Morris, Are There any Legitimate State? , 7:30 pm

Solange Chavel, What is a Border? , 8 pm

Frédéric Brahami. Liberalism and Religion: Benjamin Constant, 8:30 pm

Estelle Ferrarese, The Political Grammar of Consent. Investigating a New Gender Order, 9 pm

Mathias Girel, Inquiry out of Its Joints, 9:30 pm

Samuel Lézé, On Scandal, 10 pm

Bruno Karsenti, What’s New About Modern Subjectivity? , 10:30 pm

Brian Weatherson, Moral Risks, 11pm

Howard Wettstein, The Faith Stance, 11:30 pm

Marion Vorms, Reasonable Doubt, Intimate Conviction, and Degrees of Belief, 12 am

Emily Apter, Falling Up, 12:30 am

Anne Le Goff, What Can Philosophy Teach Us About Animals? Answers from Literature, 1 am

Bernard Harcourt, The Expository Society, 1:30 am

Fred Neuhouser, Rousseau, Fraternity, and Kieslovski’s Rouge, 2 am

Céline Spector, Who is the Fool in Political Theory?, 2:30 am

Florent Guénard, Do We Really Want to Be Equal?, 3 am

Susan Hiller, Resounding (Infrared), 3:30 am

Frank Heath, On the Beach, 4 am

Susan Hiller, Resounding (Infrared), 4:30 am

Frank Heath, On the Beach, 5 am

Susan Hiller, Resounding (Infrared), 5:30 am

Frank Heath, On the Beach, 6 am

Susan Hiller, Resounding (Infrared), 6:30 am


Oval Room, 3rd Floor

Ofri Cnaani, Yes Yes Yes, 10 pm

Ben Beckley, Chris Ghaffari, Jed Peterson, Jeremy Xido,  Philosophy In The Boudoir, 12 am – 5 am


East Room, 3rd Floor

Pascal Engel, Must Intellectual Life be boring ?, 7 pm

Philippe Beck, Poetry is the Science-fi of Nowadays, 7 :30 pm

Thomas Pradeu, E pluribus Unum: Understanding Biological Individuality, 8 pm

Ofri Cnaani, Yes Yes Yes, 10 :20 pm

Araya Rasdjarmrearnsook, The Class III, 11 pm

Nicolas Moulin, Méthane, 1 am – 5 am

Julien Bismuth, Untitled (Stay), 5 am

Presented by:

Cultural Services of the French Embassy
Ukrainian Institute of America
Onassis Cultural Center NY
FACE Foundation