2018 - 2019 Committee Assignments & Election Results

2018 – 2019 Committee Assignments & Election Results

Thanks to the hard work of 2017 – 2018 Elections Committee members Leah Fortgang & Laura Gradowski, we are pleased to announce the students participating on department committees for academic year ’18 – ’19. The full list of Committees (including faculty assignments) can be downloaded here.

Student Steering Committee (also Executive Committee)

This committee tends to meet monthly to discuss student concerns and bring proposals to the Program. It also meets jointly with the faculty on the Executive Committee on the first Wednesday of every month at 2p.m. The EC discusses important business as it relates to the Program including job searches and the approval of changes to the curriculum and other areas. Students have a voice in all of these areas and a vote except in faculty appointments and exam results.

Shannon Brick
Zoë Cunliffe
Jessie McCormack
Maria Victoria Salazar
Jules Salomone

Zoey Lavallee
Pedro Monque-Lopez

Committee on Representation 

Like many other philosophy departments around the country, ours is committed to improving the representation and voices of women and minorities in the department and the profession. We are keenly aware that longstanding imbalances in numbers have created difficulties in recruiting women and minority faculty members. And although we have been extremely successful in recruiting female graduate students the past few years, one consequence of this is the increased potential for mismatch between the curricular and advising needs of our students and what the faculty can sensibly and manageably provide. The Committee on Representation has been formed to address issues that might arise as a result of this, and with a view to exploring possibilities for increasing the representation and voices of woman and minorities in the program. Among the goals of this committee might be not only to get a firmer grasp on the state of our efforts to recruit women and minorities in faculty and student positions but also to assess how well we are doing at promoting the academic well-being of our female students and faculty members. Ideally, the committee will also consider what additional tasks it might take up. The committee will have three students and, probably, four faculty members.

Zoë Cunliffe
Pedro Monque-Lopez
Sai Ying Ng

Admissions Committee

The members of the admissions committee review applications for admission and participate in the ranking and selection of candidates for the incoming class. This committee is quite time-consuming but only meets in early- to mid- spring semester.

Jessie McCormack
Vincent Peluce

Colloquium Committee

The collloquium committee recommends speakers for our colloquium series. It also administers student attendees at external speaker colloquium dinners and selection of student-led colloquium speakers.

Eric Bayruns Garcia
Maria Victoria Salazar

Curriculum and Examinations Committee

This committee meets to discuss proposed changes to the curriculum.

Vincent Peluce
Fiona Schick

Elections Committee

The elections committee is responsible for filling the positions in the other committees.

Kasey Mallette
Kathryn Wojtkiewicz

Faculty Membership Committee

This committee meets as needed to make recommendations for central-line faculty appointments and consortial faculty appointments from other CUNY campuses. Students do not have a vote on this committee.

Jessie McCormack
Richard Stillman

Graduate Council

The Graduate Council is the governing body of the GC with representatives from each program. It meets twice a semester (on Wednesday or Thursday afternoons at 3pm) to discuss and vote on matters that come before it, which primarily involve changes to degree programs. Attendance is critical.

Maggie Fife
Liam Ryan

Library Committee

This committee makes recommendations for book and journal acquisitions by the library. It also administers donated books, including shelving and registration.

John Dyck
Jenn McDonald
Yale Weiss

Placement Committee

The placement committee helps to organize mock interviews and other activities that will help the Program’s placement record.

Leah Fortgang
Yale Weiss

Student and Alumni Affairs Committee

This committee addresses areas of student and alumni interest, including a consideration of student concerns and possible fund-raising opportunities. It also coordinates the peer mentoring system, pairing incoming students with volunteer student mentors in the program.

Julia Kolak
Liam Ryan