2015 Philosophy Department Newsletter

2015 Philosophy Department Newsletter

The 2015 Philosophy Department Newsletter is now available to view online.

2015 Newsletter

Below is the Letter from the EO that begins the newsletter. Also included in the newsletter are the following sections: Contact, Letter from the EO, Cognitive Science, Science Studies, Saul Kripke Center, Student & Alumni Highlights, Alumna Interview, Pragmatics Workshop, Graduate Admissions, PhD Completions, Faculty Books, Online, & Donate.


Dear Colleagues, Students, Alumni, and Friends,

This year we welcomed our two new Distinguished Professors to our faculty. Catherine Wilson joined us in the fall semester, and David Papineau visited in the spring semester. Both made active contributions to the intellectual life of the program beyond their immediate teaching duties, and we look forward to welcoming them back next year.

We had a very demanding but ultimately very successful admissions season. In the fall we will welcome nine fully funded PhD students and three MA students. The success of our recruitment was due to the extremely hard work of our Admissions Committee, which included Professors Michael Devitt and Sibyl Schwarzenbach, and students Amanda Bryant and Derek Skillings. Professor Stephen Neale chaired the Committee with vision and perseverance. Thanks to the Committee for all their good work, and to all the faculty and students who contributed their time (and accommodations) in helping to make this happen.

Our Colloquium Series continued this year with a rich variety of speakers, including Susan Schneider, Ted Honderich, Sarah Buss, Deirdre Wilson, Shamik Dasgupta, Peter Unger, David Lahti, Max Tegmar, Barry Smith, Dominic McIver-Lopes, Jonathan Schaffer, Sarah Broadie, Kristin Gjesdal, Charles Mills, Mark Wilson, Eric Brown, Laurie Paul, Miranda Fricker, Lisa Miracchi, John Huss, and our own Michael Devitt and Lisa Warenski.

Louise Antony delivered the first Jonathan Adler Memorial Lecture, Russell Marcus, a CUNY alumnus, delivered the Jerrold Katz Lecture, David Papineau delivered the Dean Kolich Lecture on Prospectives Day, and Seyla Benhabib delivered the Marx Wartofsky Lecture.

This year Myrto Mylopoulos delivered our first Alumni Day talk in December, which was a resounding success. Thanks to Laura Kane, Barbara Montero, Carolyn Plunkett and Cosim Sayid for making this possible.  We will repeat the exercise in the fall when our Alumni Day speaker will be Professor Robert B. Talisse of Vanderbilt University.

Nine students completed their PhDs this year, on topics as diverse as ‘What the Tortoise Said to Kripke: The Adoption Problem and the Epistemology of Logic,” “The Theoretical and Psychological Foundations of Care in Environmental Ethics,” and “Three Cases of Human Exceptionalism: Genius, Saint, Monster.”

Four of our students, Joshua Keton, Arina Pismenny, Carolyn Plunkett and Denise Vigani were successful in attaining GC Dissertation Fellowships for 2015-2016. Denise was also successful in attaining a prestigious Mellon/ACLS Dissertation Completion Fellowship.

Our long-serving Assistant Program Officer (APO) Rosemarie Iannuzzi retired from the philosophy program after twenty-seven years of dedicated service. After an extensive search in January, we were delighted to be able to offer the APO position to Natile Clarke, our former College Assistant, who has amply demonstrated her qualifications for the position and her ability to tame the monster that is CUNYFirst. Please join me in welcoming Natile to her new position, and I hope you will be able to join us for Rosemarie’s retirement celebration in the early fall.

I know you will all join me in welcoming Iakovos back as Executive Officer next year, although perhaps none more enthusiastically than myself!

I hope you will continue to follow the Program’s activities on the GC Philosophy website and on our Commons site.

John Greenwood
Acting Executive Officer, Director of Graduate Studies, Professor of Philosophy & Psychology